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who are we?

Pro Site Designs is a Web Design Agency with the primary purpose of helping your business show off in its best light and attract new clients who will fall in love with your service before they even try it out!

We are a group of few creative individuals who came together to help business owners just like you, take their businesses to another level by providing them with all the assets a brand needs in order to prosper these days where everything and everyone has been massively digitalized!

Our primary purpose is not to sell you our service but to help you build and improve your online presence so people can trust you because of your professional looks and the fact that you are not afraid to invest in it. 

Do not be hesitant to reach out to us, as we will help you identify the things that are contributing to your business looking unprofessional and offer you solutions that will make clients feel naturally attracted to you and choose you over your competitors

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Why Choose Us?

Reliable Service

Many of our previous clients who have experienced the quality of our service can guarantee our reliability

Professional Looks

Our products are crafted with so much care that the end result looks extremely quality and professional

Affordable Prices

Even though we offer high-quality service, our prices are still affordable for almost anyone ready to invest in their business

Outstanding Results

Our clients have managed to scale up their business and become top notch providers in their area using our products

Finest Support

If you experience any difficulties or need assistance regarding our services, we are here to support you at any time of the day

Best Protection

We have systems in place that will keep your website clean and safe from hackers, scammers, and any malicious attacks

What do we offer?

The world turned digital

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Hop on the wave

Samples of our work

Born out of a deep desire to change the world, this movement has grown from a simple youtube channel to a huge community that helps people open up their vision to a higher level and wake up to the truth that they have the power to create a world as they want to live in.

Proud to have built a website for such an amazing client, we continued the cooperation and are currently working on even more projects supported by this movement, as well as providing them with Social Media Graphics, YouTube Thumbnails, 

Started with the idea to show people the beautiful side of life and motivate them to fight to achieve the luxuries we continuously feed them with, Dream Homestyle turned into a beautiful E-Magazine in the Home and Design niche where authors who are passionate about Interior Design, Exterior Design, Home and Garden Decoration get to express themselves and tell people about all the beauty they witness in their imagination while allowing Architects, Building Companies and Home Designers to easily connect with their ideal clients and place their products in a place where people are actually looking for them.

Driven by the idea to develop a product that will give people a natural solution to their everyday problems with cleaning their home and maintaining a healthy self-care routine, Limes Pirot discovered an entire collection of products based on natural resources that are organic and can only be found or grown in nature.

Green Clean as a part of Limes Pirot, promotes and delivers the products with a mission to help more people see the alternative solution of using nature-based products that are not harmful to people nor the environment.

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Client's Reviews

Client's Reviews

Mike was EXCELLENT to work with! Great communication, and technical know-how, we collaborated seamlessly. Our expectations were exceeded. We will continue to work with him as our needs evolve. Thank you again Mike!

Robert S. Real Estate Agent

"A friend of mine introduced me to the blogging world a while ago. Now I got my own corner on the web where I can express myself and share my point of view!"

Diana M. Nature Lover

"My first book promotion would have never been so successful without the promotional website this agency built for me! 100% Recommended!"

Karen S. Author


In order to have the website up and running on the internet, you need to have a machine that will hold all the data about your website and will be running 24/7 in order to keep the website alive.

In the past, people would have to let their computer run non-stop if they wanted their website to be always available or they had specific schedules when their website will be online for people who wanted to visit it.

Nowadays, there are companies that provide hosting solutions who own servers that are running 24/7 and can host many websites operating at a really high performing speed, offering a smooth experience for the users while charging everyone who is using their servers a fee.

A domain is the address of your website.

Every single website on the internet has it's own unique address that people can use to find any website they intend to visit and without knowing the web address of a certain website it's impossible to visit the website.

Same as your home has a specific address where people can find you and visit your house, your website needs an address that will allow people to visit your website and learn about you your business or the message you are preaching.

You can still access a website that has no web address using their unique IP address but that would be similar to accessing someone's house using GPS coordinates instead of a street address which is way harder to remember than a memorable address.

Landing page is a one page website that has a purpose to convert visitors into clients or provide essential information for a specific subject that the business, organization, or individual specializes in and this type of websites are usually used by small businesses, affiliate marketing offers, for selling courses or coaching services, or stores that relate to a single product of any type.

As a matter of fact, right now you are on a landing page that is presenting the services that we provide, answering some common questions that business owners may have, and providing information that can help them grow their business while slowly converting them into potential clients that can get a lot of value by choosing to work with us!

An SSL Certificate is a security filter that protects visitors from being exposed to internet threats by encrypting the connection between the server and the client.

You can know if a website has an SSL Certificate installed or not by looking at it's web address and how it starts... If it starts with HTTP then it has no SSL Certificate installed and your connection is not encrypted while if it starts with HTTPS, then it has an SSL Certificate and your connection is secure.

Web addresses without an SSL Certificate will allow the website to use JavaScript to manipulate your browser into certain behaviors that can potentially lead to your personal data and information being stolen while having an SSL certificate will encrypt the connection and make it almost impossible for your information to be stolen even if it's intercepted as well as prevent the website from interacting with your browser and tricking it into thinking that the user is executing certain functions with the intention to control it into exposing some of your data (passwords, card details, etc.)

Modern we browsers will usually warn you when visiting a website without an SSL certificate or even try to block you from accessing it as a way to prevent you from falling a victim to some phishy website that has been designed to harm your device or steal your data.

However, having an SSL certificate does not mean that you are 100% protected from all threats on the internet and you should always be cautious when giving your information online.

If you are a website owner, having an SSL certificate installed on your website can significantly increase the trust levels of your visitors and remove any suspicion or any reasons for potential clients to doubt their safety when being on your website.

CMS stands for Content Management System and is basically a pre-build platform that can be customized, twisted and turned in any possible way you can imagine while keeping the original functionality of managing content.

Almost all of the websites on the internet are running on some CMS platform because it is the best solution for cost-effective website building compared to hiring someone to create a website from scratch, programming the entire system and it's functionalities.

We work strictly with WordPress as it has been proven to be the best one out there statistically (43% of all the websites on the internet are built on WordPress) as well as the most customizable one since there are countless themes, plugins and add-ons that you can attach to WordPress and change the website's entire functionality.

WordPress can be used to create business showcase websites, portfolios, personal blogs, online shopping stores, membership websites, news magazines, and way much more as well as offering extremely advanced conditional programming with a simple visual interface that can be easily understood even by people who are not into web development, making it extremely easy for our clients to learn how to use their website.

The cost of a website is not a one-size-fits-all model and in order to determine the price for a website, we need to know the client's needs and expectations, get familiar with their business, get to know their ideal clients, the size of the project, and much more.

Also, we offer a wide spectrum of services that include Web Design, Website Maintenance, Growth Strategy Development, Graphic Design, Social Media Management, Brand Design, Copywriting, Website Speed Optimization, Website Migration, and much more so if you wish to get a custom price for your specific needs, you can submit an inquiry and let us know a bit more about your business by requesting an offer down below or you can check the general prices in our Online PDF Pricing Catalog

We tend to make sure that we can meet our client's expectations before we even agree to working with them and that's the reason why you can't really buy our service directly but only request an offer.

Our satisfaction guarantee states that if you are not satisfied with the final result that we present to you, we will make sure to revise your website as many times as it takes until we are sure that you are 100% satisfied!

However, we believe in the quality of our service so much that we believe we can deliver results that will exceed your expectations and all the revisions will be about polishing the smallest details so we can make it 100% perfect regardless from which angle you are looking at it.

Are you ready for a change?

We have everything your business needs in order to stand out and thrive!

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